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We believe that an open culture of learning and growth is key to building a strong, innovative team of experts. That's why we invest in developing people. We treat our people as individuals with unique set of skills and talents, that combine to make something great. We are always on the look out for new additions to the team. If what we do sparks your imagination, get in touch.

Developer careers Rojo Consultancy

Engineering & Technology

Our developers and engineers are the building blocks of our organisation. They create the unrivalled products and services that we can be proud to call our own. From junior software developers to data analysts, integration consultants to SAP landscape architects. 

Design & experience careers Rojo Consultancy

Design & Experience

We want to create beautiful, bespoke software products that are accessible to our clients. We are always on the look out for multidisciplinary UX and UI designers with a passion to create powerful interface combined with elegant design. 

Sales & support careers Rojo Consultancy

Sales & Support

You are the spokesperson for the excellent products and services we build and offer, always tailored to the needs of our client. An excellent communicator, you strive to find the best solutions for our clients. 

Facilities & services careers Rojo Consultancy

Facilities & Services

Creating the best possible work environment to enable innovation and productivity is important to us. From the smooth operation of the day-to-day, to maintaining our growing HQ, we want to set an example to our staff and clients that mirrors our principals.

People operations & HR careers Rojo Consultancy

People Operations

We need our People Ops team to be ambassadors of our two key principals: development and growth. We want to keep our diverse team of talented people growing and thriving. Seeking and keeping new talent should be your passion. 

Business development careers Rojo Consultancy

Business Development

Calling all Business Analysts, Partnerships and Events Managers. We are seeking new opportunities to grow, whether through product development or meaningful partnerships that will enhance and improve our overall company vision and strategy.