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We always find the best SAP integration solutions for your organisation. So, it makes sense that we are a trusted SAP partner. Our focus is not only on achieving results, but finding the best possible outcomes for the unique challenges enterprises face in today's world.

Our creative, consultants are highly skilled in multiple areas. From SAP Process Orchestration, to SAP Cloud Platform integration, SAP technology specialists, to SAP solutions management. So, whatever your integration needs, we have you covered. With full end-to-end support.

Software Development

Our clever software enables you to accelerate your business. Designed and built in-house by our Enterprise Integration Consultants and dedicated research and development team, who work together to create robust and scalable, innovative software products and solutions.

Offering custom-built software packages, super smart integration accelerators, and the latest in enterprise Internet of Things solutions. We work with you every step of the way to find the best possible solution for your organisational needs. 


Know-how shouldn't just be kept to oneself. We believe in enabling people through the dissemination of knowledge. Our expertly crafted training workshops, taught by industry leading SAP Integration Architects offer a guiding hand, so you can achieve strategic business goals.

We provide training in SAP Cloud Platform Integration Services and SAP Process Orchestration, from foundation level onwards. Focusing on a balanced combination of theoretical learning and practical application, we help your teams to work confidently in these dynamic new landscapes.  

Enterprise IoT Solutions

There is no denying the immense impact the Internet of Things will have on the world of work. By 2020 there will be an estimated 20 billion connected devices, sending and receiving complexed data, communicating through a vast system of networks

With limitless opportunities for businesses to benefit from this digital transformation, we have a team dedicated to finding the best IoT solutions for your organisation. Discover the power of the Internet of Things for your organisation today, and prepare for the working world of tomorrow


Clever tools to make your business even smarter.

Integration Accelerators

Fine tune your organisation by creating efficient, powerfully automated CRM and Services Management systems with our SAP Cloud Integration Platform accelerators, that support the super-fast, secure flow of valuable data. 

Go-to Guides

Get expert guidance from our official SAP Press publications. Learn first hand how to perform SAP Process Orchestration and SAP Cloud Platform Integration, and uncover the best solutions for your organisational challenges. 

Expert Courses

Our SAP integration training packages are tailored to your business needs, so you can build team capacity, drive organisational proficiency and achieve strategic goals. All delivered on site by official SAP partners.